Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have had some great times with amazing people since January...all include some fun holidays/breaks meaning,  Pres (President's Day)-Spring (Spring Break)-Patrick (St. Patrick's Day).

Matt and I were trying to decide what to do over President's Day weekend.  Our choices were: stay in Washington and get some house work done (not what I wanted to do), go camping with friends (sounded way better than house work!), or drive to MT to go ski and see family (always a fun time).  We chose the latter, but first we celebrated Valentine's Day.  Oddly enough, we never celebrate Valentine's Day and we both secretly got something for each other this year!!  Matt made dinner (my favorite, PIZZA) and brought me a variety pack of local dark chocolates.  They were amazing!!  I got Matt some chocolates and a very cool fly fishing shirt from Etsy.  We had a great time, but had to start packing since we made the decision to go to MT last minute.
My goal for this MT trip was to go brewery hopping, skiing, and go to the boiling river in Yellowstone.  I was so happy to cross all of those off our list!! 

Mom + I at Madison River Brewery

 The guys + I at Moonlight Basin, it was such a perfect day!!

Another brew with the family at Bozeman Brewing Co.

At the end of February, we had tickets to go to our first Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna.  It was such an amazing experience.  We will defiantly have to go see another show in the future!!

A fun night under the circus tent

March was a fun month, one of my best friends visited for the beginning of her Spring Break!  I picked Rachel up from Sea-Tac, and we had to find this restaurant for brunch - and boy did we have an adventure.  Let's just say we had to turn around and around a lot  ;) We also took her to Seattle and other small towns around the peninsula.  It was fun showing her around our area for the first time.

Rachel + I on our way to Seattle via the ferry

Also in March is of course ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!  Meaning, Poulsbo Beer Run.  This year I ran with some new friends.  It was a great time and this 5k took us about 1.75 hours.  Not bad, huh?!  The run includes 4 beers, 4 miles, 3 breweries.  It's one of my favorite runs.

The girls at our second beer stop + the two creepers behind us!!

This April, Matt + I have finally went biking for the first time.  Made it to the horse camp at Green Mountain.  It was tough work, but I think cycling classes have helped me out so much!  

This was our first attempt, we got rained out as you can see...

Last but not least, it was National Sibling day on April 10th.  I posted this picture of my sister and brother on Facebook to show that I love them so much and would do anything for them.  I miss them so very much, and wish I could see them everyday.  Love you Heidi + Ben!!

Enjoy the week!!  Hope we get some good weather breaks after work  ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where have I been you ask?

Oh my, once again I have lost tough with this blog.  Maybe this year will be different?  Hopefully I will post more than ONCE A YEAR!  {how embarrassing}  Since last April, Matt and I have visited Maui, Hawaii.  We had such a great time - first vacation just for ourselves since our wedding.  We miss it every day!!

After we came back, we traveled to Montana to see family and friends.  The reason for our trip was to attend a graduation party for my dear friend, Rachel.  She {finally} graduated college and  that was a great reason to visit/celebrate!!  She is now going to grad school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

In between then and November we had lots of visitors, my family, Matt's family, our friend Katelyn and also earlier in the year we had our friends Hillary and Bobby visit.  It is always fun having familiar faces around us and having a great time!!  

I have also been working out and trying to get into better shape.  It's been fun cooking with Matt and trying new recipes.  We started the Paleo diet in November.  I love it, but Matt doesn't like to work we have to put into every meal.  Men.  Instant gratification  :)  I am down a few #'s and my muscles are getting stronger, so I will try to be as Paleo as possible, I love it!

At the beginning of December I took a trip to Washington, D.C to visit Rachel.  It was such an epic adventure.  I had never flown alone - but it went just fine.  {Had to calm my nerves a few times}  Our list of activities were as follows: shop, eat, National Christmas Tree Lighting {Yes!!  We won the lottery}, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert {best ever!!}, monument sight seeing, shop in Georgetown, eat at Georgetown Cupcakes {yum!!}, ride the metro {that was fun to do}, and try out a "Diners, Drive-in's, and Dives" restaurant.  We had so much fun, I would love to go back and do it all again.  Christmas is both our favorite time of year, it was so cool to see the town decorated in Christmas!! 

After I got back from D.C.  -  it was time to head to Montana for Christmas.  {My Favorite Time of Year}  Yippee!!  It was a great trip - just like every year.  Spent time with friends, family, and of course hitting up out favorite restaurants that we miss so much!!

Now it's 2013 - just in time for my birthday month!!  I had such a fun birthday weekend...had some great friends over for dinner, Seahawks played {and lost} and went to a friends house to watch the game, and purchased some ski boots {I'm in for it now...}

Matt and I did go skiing the next weekend and I had such a great time!!  I hadn't been since before we were married {6.5 years ago!} I was so nervous I would be bad...turns out I got my groove back right away!!  I was so tired by the end of the day...and sore the next couple of days.  Haha!!  Totally worth it.

Now to the end of January.  What will be next?  Stay tuned....

{Promise I will be better at this...}